Shipping Agency

Husbandry Agency
Our dedicated agency company is coordinating and handling the ship husbandry operations for our Principals vessel which are calling at Singapore and all China main ports. Our main goal is to satisfy all our customer requirements in a timely manner.
This includes:

Spare Parts Delivery

We handle ship spare parts from arrival till delivery on board. This includes all formalities, clearances, storage and transportations.

Crew Assistance

- letter of invitation - landing visa - boarding and shore pass - transportation - medical assistance in all major Ports in China.

Cash to Master

To our Principals we keep a trustworthy and close relationship and handle the local provision in finance to keep their business running.

Oil Tank/Can Cleaning & Sludge Disposal

We are broker for professional and experienced companies for oil tank and oil can cleaning and sludge disposal.


Damage survey for hull and machinery insurance, annual inspection of the life-saving equipments, fresh water analysis, condition and class inspection.

On/Off Hire Survey Coordinations

If on or off hire; while vessels are for anchorage we will arrange delivery of spare parts, supplies by barge.

Voyage Repairing

We have good relations and experiences with Shanghai, Zhoushan and Qingdao shipyards and act as broker between our customers and the shipyard.

Catering & Supply

Our supply scope covers Deck, Engine, Cabin, Electrical parts, Fresh and Dry Provision, safety equipment, general consumables and tools.

Bunker Delivery Coordination

We arrange bunker supply whenever necessary, f.e. when vessel is for anchorage.